Broadway Calls

Broadway Calls

“This Band is Fishing with the right Hooks” - Ruben

Broadway Calls are a power trio from Rainier, Oregon, which is about one hour north of Portland and has a population of just under 2000 people. In the tradition of bands like Jawbreaker, Green Day, The Jam and Alkaline Trio, Broadway Calls craft songs that are filled with gritty guitar, breakneck drums, infectious hooks and unforgettable choruses that captivate any ear that gives them two minutes and thirty seconds of a chance.

The band is made up of Ty Vaughn (guitar/vocals), Josh Baird (drums) and Matt Koenig (bass). Adeline Records/Smallman Records released the band’s debut self-titled record in early 2007 and they played the Vans Warped Tour all summer! A fall tour with Polar Bear Club and Crime in Stereo followed. Shows with Rancid, Alkaline Trio and Bad Religion rounded out their year.

Broadway Calls released their sophomore album “Good Views, Band News” in August of 2009 on Side One Dummy. They are currently in Europe with Set Your Goals and Fireworks.

Band Members

Ty Vaughn - Guitar/Vocals
Matt Koenig - Bass/Vocals
Josh Baird - Drums

Broadway Calls

Broadway Calls
SMR034 | CD, Released 7/09/2007
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  • Call The Medic ... We’re Begging Please
    Call The Medic ... We’re Begging Please
    State of Mind Recordings | CD, Released 9/12/2006
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    Call It Off (From Broadway Calls)

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