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Another Joe

This is the rock.

Formed in 1995 in Langley BC, Another Joe released their first full-length CD (Pee Against the Wind, on Positive Records). It however wasn’t until 1997, when they released a split CD with GOB (Ass Seen On TV, Landspeed Records), that they began to develop a fan-base across Canada. This was as a direct result of the co-headlining tour across Canada that the two bands did to promote the album. Endless shows pushed the album not only to crowds across the country but also led to extensive College radio airplay. Subsequently their 1998 full length, Cran-Doodle Daddy (now re-released on Smallman), charted heavily on radio across Canada and re-affirmed their spot amongst the top punk bands in Canada. During this time, Another Joe toured extensively throughout North America with bands such as AFI, No Use For A Name, Diesel Boy, High Standard, SNFU, Guttermouth, Chixdiggit, and The Suicide Machines.

Based on the strength of Cran-Doodle Daddy and the band’s extensive touring history, Another Joe and Smallman Records began to work together in the fall of 1999. At this time, Another Joe found the missing piece to their straight ahead punk intensity, drummer John Rylance. With the technical drumming brilliance of drummer John, the band created their best album – Plasti-Scene. Prior to this, Another Joe was best known for their Blink 182 style songs. Plasti-Scene’s intricate song structure and excellent musicianship put them into a completely different musical category altogether.

Released in February 2000, Plasti-Scene charted immediately on National College Radio Charts as well as on the National Loud Radio Charts, where it reached number 2 in April 2000.

In support of Plasti-Scene, Another Joe headlined the first annual Smallman Records tour, hitting 14 ski resorts in British Columbia and Alberta. After this tour, the band went out to the east coast of Canada and back. Upon returning home to Vancouver, BC in May of 2000, John Rylance decided to leave the band and head back home to Windsor, ON. Jon and Alison continued to look for new drummer to replace John but were unfortunately unable to fill his position. Another Joe officially ended in January 2001.

Band Members

Jon - Vocals/Guitar
Alison - Bass/Vocals
John - Drums


SMR012 | CD, Released 2/15/2000
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