John Cougar is God

Like many of us, Dan Sioui is obsessed with the 1982 classic American Fool by John Cougar Mellencamp. But unlike the rest of us, Dan was so exalted by the album he booked time at Hive Studios in Vancouver (Black Mountain, Pride Tiger) with no songs and no band in order to express the musical inspiration within him. The resulting record was a departure from Dan’s earlier work in Vancouver post punk band All State Champion and marked the beginning of Carpenter. And what a glorious beginning it was. Thank you, John Cougar.

Enlisting some of Vancouver’s finest players Kelly Burnham (ex By A Thread), Ryan Howlett (ex Speaking of Heroes) and J.J. Heath (ex Daggermouth) Carpenter was born and has since flourished. Focusing on a rootsy, rock feel while retaining the intensity of their punk/hardcore roots, Carpenter has built a substantial fan base across Western Canada with compelling lyrics, a monumental live show and the ability to appeal to listeners of varying musical styles. Recently, they’ve shared the stage with Minus the Bear, Attack In Black, No Means No and The Living End among others.

Lyrically, Carpenter paints pictures of the Canadian rural landscape and highlights the struggles of the independent farmer. The band is a vehement messenger against the corporate based Agribusiness industry and promotes sustainable farming practices and the support of organizations such as Canadian Organic Growers and Farm Folk City Folk. It was this dedication and commitment to a rural lifestyle that propelled Carpenter into the sights of the Jack Daniels Distillery who featured the band in a 2007/2008 ad campaign across the U.S. Carpenter was also part of Vancouver’s Live Earth concert highlighting the devastating effects of climate change. Most recently, the band has been approached by Farm Aid and is in negotiations to perform at their 2008 concert alongside Willie Nelson, Neil Young and … John Mellencamp.

In the fall of 2007, Carpenter entered the legendary Mushroom Studios (Led Zeppelin, Heart, Sam Roberts) in Vancouver to record their first full-length album. Co-produced and engineered by Shawn Penner and Aaron Nordean (Bend Sinister, The Februarys, Three Inches of Blood), the album has 10 new songs of anthemic rock n roll music with a message. Recently signed to Smallman Records in Canada, the album “Law of the Land” was released in June 2008.

New songs have been recorded for an upcoming 7 inch (go vinyl!), and subsequent touring in North America throughout the fall.

Watch for Carpenter on tour across Canada in the summer of 2009 with appearances at NXNE and Scenefest.

Band Members

Kelly Burnham - Bass Guitar, Vocals
J.J. Heath - Drums, Vocals
Ryan Howlett - Guitar, Vocals
Daniel Sioui - Vocals, Guitar

Law of the Land

Law of the Land
SMR036 | CD, Released 6/03/2008
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  • Town and Country
    Town and Country
    Independent | EP, Released 1/01/2007
  • The Country Mile
    The Country Mile
    Independent | EP, Released 1/01/2007

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