Tech Punk that Pushes the Limits of Musical Innovation

Considered one of the best punk bands in Canada at this time, Choke are known for their innovative style and intriguing musical sense. They create music that can only be classified by their dedication and love for it.

Combining influences from jazz to punk to metal and more, Choke fosters a sound that is uniquely their own. It is a refreshing extension of the punk music that has influenced their song writing over the last 8 years. Since their inception in 1994, with original members Jack Jaggard, Clay Shea, Shawn Moncrieff and Stefan Levasseur, Choke have toured Canada and the USA non-stop and have established a reputation for their groundbreaking music and intense live shows.

August 2004 saw them enter into the studio with producers Paul Forgues (Slayer, Nine Inch Nails) and Blair Calibaba (Propagandhi, No Means No) to record their sixth full length album, titled SLOW FADE OR: HOW I LEARNED TO QUESTION INFINITY. These twelve new songs have once again taken Choke into a completely different direction, and will this album is a brilliant continuation of an already amazing career.

The final tour occurred in the summer of 2006 as the band closed the doors on an amazing career. Shawn Moncrieff and Clay Shea continue to play in Passenger Action.

Band Members

Clay Shea - Bass/Vocals
Jack Jaggard- Guitar/Vocals
Shawn Moncrieff - Vocals/Guitar
Stefan Levasseur - Drums

Slow Fade OR: How I Learned to Question Infinity

Slow Fade OR: How I Learned to Question Infinity
SMR025 | CD, Released 3/22/2005
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