New Blood from the West Coast

“There ain’t no party like a Daggermouth party, cause a Daggermouth party doesn’t stop”.
Little did Daggermouth know that this simple song lyric off their first album would become an anthem chanted at their shows across North America for years to come.  And it’s easy to see why: Daggermouth not only play their super fast paced songs with boundless energy, they are also undeniably fun to watch.

Daggermouth was formed in the summer of 2004, soon after recorded their first demo and began playing wherever and whenever they could. During that year alone Daggermouth went from playing basement parties to headlining festivals.  In all they played over 150 shows including bills with I am The Avalanche, The Audition, Final Fight, Shook Ones, and Love Equals Death.

It was evident from Daggermouth’s success in the first year that this needed to be a full-time project, so in 2005 the band recorded their debut full-length album, Stallone. With no distribution or label support, the album was a huge success, moving over 1,000 units in only a few months.

Daggermouth signed to State of Mind Recordings in the US and Smallman Records in Canada to release their second album Turf Wars in 2007.  Turf Wars pays homage to mid 90s punk ala Jawbreaker and Saves the Day, but with a modern melodic hardcore edge.  In true-to-form Daggermouth style, the band spent the rest of the year touring in support of the album with such bands as Set Your Goals, Comeback Kid, Propagandhi, This Is Hell, No Trigger, I am the Avalanche and Four Year Strong.  In their own words, they have a sweet white van and aren’t afraid to use it. 

But unfortunately, the wheels came off the van in 2008 and the band has gone their separate ways. Dan Don keeps finding new bands to play with. Kenny is an apprentice wrestler with Rick Flair. Stu is making sweet sounds with every band on the west coast of Canada and Nick is enjoying life on the east coast. Rumours of some new recordings done in winter 2009 surfaced, but as of yet there have been no sightings of the hawt lixx.

Band Members

Nick Leadlay: Vocals
Kenny Lush: Guitar
Stuart McKillop: Guitar/Vocals
Dan Donald: Drums
(What? No Bass? Unheard of.)

Turf Wars

Turf Wars
SMR032 | CD, Released 4/03/2007
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