Ghosts of Modern Man

Ghosts of Modern Man

Ghosts of Modern Man Build City of No Light

In 1994 Jonah Krieser and Jamie Deal, along with drummer Chris McBennet, began playing together under the moniker PILLAR. Throughout the late nineties, the trio of young teenagers played locally in their hometown of Regina, SK as well as at a number of festivals including NXNE, CMW and MOLSON DV8. In 2001, with strong local support and positive feedback for this band of youngsters, PILLAR independently released their debut album, Everyone is as Terrified as You Are. The album featured a burst of 10 post-hardcore tracks that bulleted along with unbridled fury and energy. In preparation for the extensive touring the band was about to embark on, the band brought second guitarist Stacey Hahn on board to round out their live sound.

With a new lineup and a re-invigoration, the band began touring nationally under the new name of GHOSTS OF MODERN MAN, and from 2002 to 2003 they managed to play over 200 shows across Canada. This incredible touring schedule assisted them in selling out of the first pressing of the 2000 copies of their debut release. As part of their development into GHOSTS OF MODERN MAN, they chose not to re-press their first release but to instead wait until they could return to the studio with their new songs.

In July of 2004, drummer Chris McBennet left the band and was replaced by Tristan Helgason. Tristan was a veteran of the Regina music scene and had played with nationally recognized bands such as Filmmaker and 400 Strong. With Tristan in the lineup, the intensity of Ghosts of Modern Man took an upward turn. Schooled in punk rock, Tristan added a powerful base upon which the songs of GHOSTS OF MODERN MAN found inspiration and took a brilliant new direction. They had found the final piece to complete the lineup.

Influenced by such diverse bands as PJ Harvey, Hot Snakes, Radio Head, Gang Of Four and Fugazi, GHOSTS OF MODERN MAN are making music that is inspired, honest and direct. Their live show generates an energy that rivals some of the best bands in this genre. As Chris Nelson from Much Music stated: “They are the best of Sparta meets the best of Mars Volta.”

GOMM released their acclaimed first album ‘City Of No Light’ in the spring of 2005. The band is presently in a suspended state of hiatus and are contemplating the future. They have a ton of tracks ready for a new release and we are waiting breathlessly for an announcement as to when they are going into the studio. Fingers crossed.

In September of 2009, Ghosts of Modern Man called it quits:
“We are playing what is most likely our last shows as Ghosts of Modern Man [in Regina]...and then calling it a day as a band. Thank you to everyone who is a fan, supported us emotionally or financially, promoted us, slagged us, let us sleep on your floor, let us drink your beer, shared the stage with us and/or put up with us in general. it’s been a long, sweaty, loud trip down a dark and beautiful highway. thanks for the ride.

Tristan Helgason now plays drums in Smallman band Passenger Action.

Band Members

Jonah Krieser - Vocals/Guitar
Jamie Deal - Bass
Stacey Hahn - Guitar/Vocals
Tristan Helgason - Drums

City of No Light

City of No Light
SMR027 | CD, Released 3/08/2005
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