Guy Smiley

Guy Smiley

Canadian Hardcore Pioneers

In October 1992, four musicians including bassist Jamie Fyles and drummer Ryan Francis began making noise in a basement in Winnipeg. Writing and performing original material, the band immediately began to see a response but still viewed their project as a weekend hobby. After a few low budget recordings and a number of local gigs, Jamie and Ryan were introduced to vocalist Derek Kun and guitarist Kurt Bond.

The arrival of Kun and Bond brought an intensity and power that had not been seen in the earlier incarnation of the band. This helped to develop their ever growing local following, and gave them the opportunity to take their act on the road. With a determination matched by few others, Guy Smiley played western Canada a whopping 6 times in their first year of touring. This overexposure, coupled with their amazing live performances, led to a meeting with legendary producer Cecil English (SNFU, DOA, No Means No, The Smalls). English took them into his own studio to cut their first full-length album, Auger, a collection of material captured as it was meant to be – live and loud. Through incessant touring, Guy Smiley managed to play all of Canada and the northern U.S. over 12 times in the 3 years following the release of Auger.

After the overwhelming success of Auger, the band saw an amicable split with Bond and the arrival of Paul Stewart. Stewart’s background was with some of Winnipeg’s heaviest bands, and his influence immediately added the final piece to an already stellar line-up. During 1997, they spent much of their time touring Canada and the States with acts such as Ten Foot Pole (Epitaph) and 22 Jacks (Side One). In between this continual touring schedule, the follow up album to Auger was recorded at New York’s Studio 180. Recorded with 2-time Grammy award winning producer John Rollo, Can’t Turn Back captured the energy and intensity that the band was known for.

The year 1998 began with a cross Canada tour as part of Sno-Jam, with bands such as H2O (Epitaph), Pennywise (Epitaph), and Ignite. This tour was the spark that sent Guy Smiley to the next level. The impression that they made during that tour resulted in H2O asking them to be part of a 7 country European tour in the spring of 1998. H2O’s label in Europe, Epitaph, was so amazed by their live show that they subsequently signed the band. Upon their return home, Guy Smiley had the honour of playing with the Misfits on a cross Canada tour in the fall of 1998. Once again, their live show overwhelmed all those in attendance, including Dylan from the Misfits, wo came aboard to produced the new album.

Released in 1999 through Smallman, Epitaph Europe and Devil Doll USA, Alkaline was the band’s most successful as it charted in both the USA and Canada. Guy Smiley returned to Europe to tour with Ignite, then toured North America with Good Riddance and on their own a number of times. In the Spring of 2000, bassist Jamie Fyles left the band to be replaced by ex-12 Eyes bass player Kevin Feelius. In the summer of 2000, guitarist Paul Stewart also left the band, and Guy Smiley officially ended. Derek Kun presently still plays with Burn The Eight Track..

Band Members

Derek Kun - Vocals
Ryan Francis - Drums
Jamie Fyles - Bass
Paul Stewart - Guitar


SMR008 | CD, Released 9/21/1999
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