Political punk rock in the purest sense.

Selfmademan was formed in May 1999 when its four current members began playing together in their hometown of Montreal, Quebec. Though less than four years old, Selfmademan had already toured across Canada twice, and played numerous shows throughout the North East USA. This touring schedule, in addition to their three self-released EP’s and one split CD (Dare to Care Records), allowed the band to hone their songwriting skills and develop into one of the best new punk bands to come out of Canada. It was this ability to craft great songs and the band’s outstanding work ethic that resulted in Smallman Records signing the band in 2003.

Selfmademan songs can best be described as high charged and abrasive punk rock. Songs are sonically rooted in influences such as Hot Water Music, Jawbreaker, Planes Mistaken for Stars and Face to Face, while their lyrics are filled with unabashed political and social messages. This combination creates a potent mix of socially concious fuel that is meant to inspire and motivate all those who listen or come out to their intense live shows.

Selfmademan ended their time on this earth in the fall of 2003. RIP.

In May 2003, Selfmademan released their first full length entitled “The Daylight Robbery”. Recorded with Greg Dawson (Moneen, The End) is an inspiring representation of the sounds that this Quebec four piece can achieve in their live show.

In February 2004, however, Selfmademan made the decision to disband. Since that time, Drummer Rich Bouthillier has begun playing with fellow Montreal band The Sainte Catherines while the other members are presently working on their own.

Band Members

Rich Bouthillier – Drums
J.P. Matte – Guitar/Vocals
Phillipe St. Martin - Guitar
J.P. Sterling – Bass

The Daylight Robbery

The Daylight Robbery
SMR020 | CD, Released 5/06/2003
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