May 29th, 2006

Our Mercury Summer Dates Posted

Our Mercury will be hooking up with From Fiction this summer, to tour right across Canada. Our Mercury will do a few shows on their own to get out to Toronto for mid June, and then start dates with From Fiction on June 15. Go to the Tour Page to see all the dates.

Oh yah - Our Mercury have also been confirmed to open for Simple Plan in Edmonton at Ed Fest on July 29. Pow! Pow! Pow!

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May 23rd, 2006

Comeback Kid To Tour With Gorilla Biscuits

Canada’s hardcore outfit Comeback Kid is thrilled to announce their direct support slot on the upcoming Gorilla Biscuits tour in North America.  Beginning August 4 in Asbury Park, NJ, Comeback Kid will join the tour for 27 awe-inspiring dates, finishing September 2 in New York City. 

‘This Gorilla Biscuits tour will go down in the history of hardcore. To not only see this event take place, but also partake in it leaves us speechless. It’s safe to say that if not for Gorilla Biscuits, Comeback Kid - as well as most hardcore bands today - would have never happened. They are a band that has shaped my life and opened my eyes to a world of powerful, meaningful music. It is an honor to share the stage with them.” ~ Comeback Kid’s Kevin Call


All tourdates are now posted in the tour section of the Smallman site

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May 12th, 2006

Moneen Get Great Review in UK’s Rocksound Magazine

“Talk about an awakening. Moneen have always been a tuneful bunch - ‘Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now’ told us that much - but the follow up is an incredible listen, bursting with passion and confidence. Each song is spidery in structure but powerful in delivery, taking the pop of bands like The Starting Line, twisting it, then setting light to it. ‘Epic’ is perhaps going too far, but nearly every song scales ever upwards in a quest to outdo the one before. ‘The Day No One Needed to Know’, ‘This is all Bigger Than Me’ and ‘Seasons Fade… Fevers Rage… It’s A Slow Decay’ are all great songs of contrast that keep you on your toes. Gripping Stuff.

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May 11th, 2006

Sylvie Special CBC Live In Studio Available Now!

Back in the gloomy months of February, Sylvie went into the studio in Vancouver with the folks from the CBC. The result was 5 songs recorded live in one take for CBC Radio 3. This week, Sylvie is the featured band, and all 5 songs are available. They include two re-worked versions of songs from An Electric Trace (Hit & Run, Common Art), as well as 3 (yes, goddammit, THREE!) new songs (Mallets, Satellites, When We Were Young). Go to the CBC3 website and let the music fly.

Go to the website below and hit the Concerts and Sessions area. There you can download the entire session.

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May 10th, 2006

Listen Online To An Interview with Kenny from Moneen - This Sunday.

The internet radio site will be doing a big feature on Moneen and will be broadcasting an interview witih Kenny. Tune in this Sunday (May 14) from 9pm to 10pm (eastern Time).  Just hit up the link!

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May 10th, 2006

Sylvie Confirmed for NXNE

Sylvie will be playing the CBC/SIRIUS Satellite Showcase at this year’s NXNE. The show, and their set, will be broadcast live from The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto on June 10. Show starts at 9pm EDT.

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May 8th, 2006

The Reason Announce Show

The Reason have announced their first show in 3 months. Since the band has been in the studio since the end of February, and with Cam breaking his hand, they have just been focusing on writing/recording their new record. But they are finally coming out of their shell. The show, May 20th in Hamilton, will be an acoustic show and will have a set featuring some new songs from their upcoming full length

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May 8th, 2006

The Reason Post Latest Update on Recording

It’s been a while… Here’s an update on the record. In late February we went into the studio with producer Gavin Brown with the intention of recording 6 of the 12 songs for the record. Once those songs were done, the plan was to work more on the other half and record the other 6 songs in early April. Why were we recording the record in two halves? There are many reasons, with the main one being 6 of the songs were great, and 6 of the songs were not as great, long story short. Anyway, during the month of March we worked out all of the kinks, ended up ditching a few of the songs and writing entirely new ones, and the vibe was super positive all around. But with only a few weeks to go until we were supposed to record again, the unthinkable happened…

I’m not going to elaborate on how or why this happened, but a few weeks ago on March 25, our drummer, Cam, broke his right hand. He was fitted with a cast that comes off on April 24, after which at least 2-4 weeks of rehab is needed before the hand can get back to a strength suitable enough to play drums again. Last week we had a big talk, and decided it was best to wait out the injury, and push the studio time back until mid-May. We are all members of this band, and half of a record with someone other than Cam just wouldn’t be the same. Recording is scheduled to begin again around the Victoria Day weekend, once the hand is better, and won’t stop until the entire record is done.



With the record not being completed until June, this means that the release date will be sometime in SEPTEMBER 2006. We will hopefully be heading back out on the road to do some shows (possibly a tour?) sometime in June or July. We miss the hell out of all of you, so in the meantime we will be doing a special ACOUSTIC SHOW in our hometown of Hamilton sometime in early May. Details will be announced very soon… Also to be announced shortly are the name of the new record, and all 12 of the song titles. The original artwork should be ready to view by June, with a preview track or two off the record to be released online this summer as well…



This whole situation has helped us as a band to stay positive, to stick together, and to always look ahead. This is the longest duration this band has ever gone without playing shows or being on the road, and not being in the studio right now is seriously killing me. I’m a firm believer in everything happens for a reason, and in the end i think it will all work out. It always does…

- Adam

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May 3rd, 2006

Our Mercury & Ghosts Hit The Road

Our Mercury and Ghosts of Modern Man have confirmed a little mini tour for western Canada next week. They’ll be playing Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. After that, Ghosts head home while Our Mercury will be going to Vancouver Island for a couple of shows.

As well, Our Mercury have been confirmed to support The International Noise Conspiracy in western Canada in late May.


Watch for Our Mercury in E. Canada in June - starting with an opening slot on Moneen’s homecoming show at the Opera House on June 14.

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May 3rd, 2006

New Videos for Choke and Ghosts of Modern Man

Director Craig Wallace has done double duty and created two sparkling new videos for Smallman Records. Choke’s video for Slow Fade and GOMM’s video for Sleeping at the Switch are now in rotation at both Much Music and at Much Loud. Keep and eye out and request request request.

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May 3rd, 2006

Joel from Sylvie Does an Ooopsy.

Singer and guitarist Joel Passmore from Sylvie had a near fatal accident yesterday. Well, not quite near fatal, but pretty scary. A drill bore through the knuckle on his left thumb - yeooooooowcch. The man is in good spirits, but the show this weekend in Regina is on hold for now. His doctors have told him no metal tapping for 6 weeks, but regular guitar noodling has been given the green light.

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May 3rd, 2006

Moneen EPK Available On Line

Moneen have posted their newest EPK (that’s Electronic Press Kit) at their myspace page. It features some live, some not live and some studio footage from the band.

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May 3rd, 2006

Truth Mag Photo Issue Out Now!

Those crazy fuckers at have put out a beautiful glossy book/magazine of photos. It features all the Smallman bands, plus a ton more. And best of all, it’s free. For more info, contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or go and visit their site.

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