November 26th, 2008


Comeback Kid had such a blast on the Through The Noise Canadian Tour that they have decided to take the party to an international level this April with guests Misery Signals, Bane, Architects and Outbreak in Europe…


Featuring COMEBACK KID with Misery Signals, Bane, Architects and Outbreak

04/10/09 - Cesena, Italy @ Vidia Club
04/11/09 - Will, Switzerland @ Remise (Dance Of Days Festival)
04/12/09 - Wein, Austria @ Arena
04/13/09 - Munchen, Germany @ Feierwerk
04/14/09 - Koln, Germany @ Essigfabrik
04/15/09 - Karlsruhe, Germany @ Substage
04/16/09 - Munster, Germany @ Sputnikhalle
04/17/09 - Leipzig, Germany @ Conne Island
04/18/09 - Meerhout, Belgium @ Groezrock Fest
04/19/09 - Haarlem, Holland @ Patronaat

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November 24th, 2008


Casey takes a few sleep-deprived moments to fill us in on what Comeback Kid are up to in South America.
Click Here to read!

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November 24th, 2008


As our (very early, you lucky buggers) Christmas present to you, here are the dates for the upcoming Sick City tour. Feliz navidad and all that!

12/12/08 - Regina, SK @ The Exchange
12/13/08 - Red Deer, AB @ The Skate Park
12/14/08 - Calgary, AB @ The Underground
12/18/08 - Edmonton, AB @ The Pawn Shop
12/19/08 - Saskatoon, SK @ The Cosmo Senior Centre
12/20/08 - Yorkton, SK @ Masonic Temple

More dates to be announced soon!

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November 24th, 2008


Sylvie were on CBC Radio 3 last week to talk about the new album and show off their years of band-related wisdom.

While in Vancouver, Joel and Chris sat down with Lisa at Appetite For Destruction on CBC Radio 3. You can check it out here:

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November 21st, 2008


Blogs, videos, pictures and more from The Reason while they record their new album.

The Reason have been “attack"ing (get it?! See the picture?!) a studio in Asheville, North Carolina with new music. And they want you to be able to keep up with the battle! Check out for videos, pictures, blogs and updates from “The Canadians” as they are known in Asheville. They look like they’re having a pretty good time south of the border… hopefully we can convince them to come back to Canada once they are finished recording!

There are also some recent live photos of The Reason in Hamilton taken by everyone’s good friend Brooks Reynolds. So check those out as well!

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November 21st, 2008


The Reason want to keep you posted on the great times they’re having recording in Asheville, North Carolina!

Check out for video blogs, photos and other updates from The Reason while they record their new record south of the border. It sounds like they’re having a pretty good time in North Carolina… here’s hoping we can convince them to come back to Canada after this!

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November 17th, 2008

Sylvie is #1

Sylvie hit #1 on both the single and album charts at CFOU radio this week.

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November 14th, 2008

A Mini Smallman Update

Got a few seconds? Of course you do - so click through to fill your lovely lives with delightful news from the frost bitten fingers of Jessi-Anne

You may be asking yourselves, “What are they doing over there at Smallman these days?!”. Well, what do we do? What don’t we do! Oh, we do so many things that we never stop. Oh, the things we do here, my stars!

While I have a free moment between calls from telemarketers trying to sell us cruises, I figured I’d fill you in on whats going on with some of our bands.

Those lucky sons-of-guns in Broadway Calls have just announced an entire month of European tour dates with Alkaline Trio. I know, right? Unreal. But before you start sending Broadway Calls jealousy threats and copies of Good Mourning for them to get signed for you, why not try to make it out to one of their American shows and do it in person? They’re on the road for another week and a half, then taking December off before the Alkaline Euro-invasion in January. Check out all their dates here:

As a part of preparation for the 2010 Olympic Games, the Vancouver Olympic Committee is doing everything in its power to get the no-good-nicks out of town. Hence the CARPENTER/LIVING WITH LIONS/ASPIRATIONS tour that is currently causing trouble all across Canada. The tour is in Alberta right now and carries on until Sunday in Winnipeg, after which Carpenter will make a daring attempt to sneak back into Van City solo, playing a few shows on their way home.

11/14/2008 – Saskatoon, SK @ Cosmo Centre
11/15/2008 – Regina, SK @ The Club
11/16/2008 – Winnipeg, MB @ The Cavern

11/18/2008 – Medicine Hat, AB @ Ottoman Lounge
11/19/2008 – Lethbridge, AB @ The Slice
11/20/2008 – Canmore, AB @ The Canmore Hotel
11/22/2008 – Kelowna, BC @ Doc Wiloughby’s

Here’s one of those ‘What would you do if…” questions for you. What would you do if, two days after purchasing a brand new van and trailer, right at the beginning of a tour, Mother Nature flipped you off via a patch of black ice and you rolled your van, totaling it and losing all your gear and merch, as well as sustaining some pretty nasty injuries? Would you continue on the tour? Maybe. Would you immediately jump into a month touring the USA, using a friend’s van and borrowed gear? Some people might. I know this is getting ridiculous, but would you start planning a massive European tour, complete with stops in places your geography teacher has never heard about? I’m not here to make anyone look bad, so I’ll just direct your attention to Grave Maker’s myspace page, where you can check out all their crazy upcoming tour dates and show them some love:

Start takin’ in the empties from your Halloween parties, because we’ve got two releases coming out on iTunes on December 16th! Edmonton heartthrob’s Passenger Action will be releasing The Acoustic Blueprints EP, while everyone’s favorite dudes-with-beards-that-you-can-really-set-your-watch-to, The Reason, will be releasing an acoustic EP, featuring songs from Things Couldn’t Be Better as well as a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Brilliant Disguise”.

If you’re reading this from South America or Australia, well lucky you, because chances are you aren’t freezing your tail off right now.But even more importantly, Comeback Kid will be heading your way soon! Check out for dates on this month’s South American tour and the Aussie run in January.

Last but most definitely and certainly not least, Regina’s sweethearts Sylvie are in the midst of a Canadian tour to support their new album, Trees and Shade are Our Only Fences. The tour hits Winnipeg this Friday before picking up again in Vancouver on November 20th.More information on dates as well as some very pretty layout work can be found at A special thanks to everyone who has been requesting Sylvie on college and independent radio – they came in at #12 on the national charts this week.

My fingers hurt.Visit for up-to-the-minute tour dates as well as photos of bands sitting on couches, as well as lots of other fun stuff.

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November 12th, 2008

Carpenter on Tour

Exclaim Magazine gives the details on their upcoming tour.

Carpenter Tour Western Canada
11/11/2008 By Josiah Hughes

Featuring members of West coast mainstays like All State Champion, By A Thread, and Daggermouth, the members of Vancouver’s Carpenter know a thing or two about touring. So it shouldn’t pose any problems for them when they hit up Western Canada this month for some dates.

The whole affair kicks off in Calgary tomorrow (November 12), where the band will be joined by Living With Lions and Aspirations. The three bands will venture east for the next few days, hitting up Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina and Winnipeg before going their separate ways. After that, Carpenter will head home, stopping off in Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Canmore, and Kelowna along the way. The band released their debut album, Law of the Land, on Smallman this summer, and revealed to our own Sam Sutherland that their sound is birthed from a love of John Cougar Mellencamp.

Carpenter tour dates:

11/12 Calgary, AB - The Stetson *
11/13 Edmonton, AB - Avenue Theatre *
11/14 Saskatoon, SK - Cosmo Centre *
11/15 Regina, SK - The Club *
11/16 Winnipeg, MB - The Cavern *
11/18 Medicine Hat, AB - Ottoman Lounge
11/19 Lethbridge, AB - The Slice
11/20 Canmore, AB - The Canmore Hotel
11/22 Kelowna, BC - Doc Wiloughby’s
* with Living With Lions and Aspirations

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November 6th, 2008

The Reason Go Into The Studio

A little update from Adam and the band.

Well that time is finally upon us. This evening we are embarking on a twelve and a half hour journey to beautiful Asheville, North Carolina to begin recording the new album. We have narrowed it down to 12 songs, and believe it or not, I actually think we’re ready. I don’t think we’ve ever been this ready. Its a good feeling. By this time tomorrow we’ll be loading all our gear into Echo Mountain Studios, a 1920’s church that has been converted into one of raddest studios around. We’ll also be meeting up with Steve Haigler, the man who is producing the record, and the man we will be living with collectively for the next month. Its going to be like nothing we’ve ever experienced. We’re gonna share it all with you guys via daily journal, photo and video blogs. Head over to and check it out daily to keep updated. We have a month to get this thing done. Wish us luck! talk soon… adam

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November 6th, 2008

Sylvie at 3Hive

Sylvie starting to get some love USA style.


Yes, I was stoked on this song right away. Yes, it reminded me of Jawbox. No, I wasn’t surprised to see that J. Robbins produced the record. No, the Jawbox comparison doesn’t do the band justice. Yes, there’s much more to Sylvie than that. Yes, you can stream the whole record here. Yes, you should. Yes, I’m voting today. Yes, you should vote today. No, I’m not going to tell you who I’m voting for. Yes, I’m tired of hearing about politics, tired of talking about politics, tired of politicking about politics. Yes, I’m glad 3hive just talks about music. Yes, I’m glad I found Sylvie today. Yes, they float my boat.

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November 5th, 2008

Sylvie Special at iTunes

Sylvie are part of the “Next Big Thing Sale”.

Go to iTunes for the month of November to purchase the full album for 6.93. The whole thing. Where’s the link? Right here:

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November 5th, 2008

Grave Maker Interview with

Find out the details of “the van”.

During the last leg of the Through The Noise Tour, I caught up with Jon and Wayne from Vancouver’s hardcore act Grave Maker in London, Ontario. They were stoked to be playing with such a good lineup and were more than willing to talk about the West Coast music scene, the unfortunate happenings of the past two weeks, and of course, their love for Paramore…


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November 5th, 2008

Ghosts Of Modern Man Postpone Tourdates and Recording.

GOMM have posted a blurb re: their upcoming recording and tour

Unfortunately, due to illness and personal matters the recording sessions for the new album have been put off at the moment. also, we had to pull out of the shows in Winnipeg, Thunder bay and Toronto. we sincerely apologize to everyone involved and anyone who was looking forward to seeing us play. we’re confident that things will be back on track really soon. we’ll post news on album developments as they come. take care, stay warm, see you soon.

love GOMM

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