February 25th, 2009


Your comprehensive and as-succinct-as-I-can-be guide to everything thats comin’ up SMALLMAN. Sylvie review, Propagandhi contest, Sights & Sounds announcement and more!

A review of Sylvie’s Trees and Shade are Our Only Fences is up at They like it, and you might too! Check out the review HERE!

Well, its official - Sights & Sounds will release Monolith, their debut full length, on May 26th, 2009. You can hear two new songs from the new album (which was prodiced by Devin Townsend) now at Look for them on tour in March and throughout 2009.

Propagandhi have wrapped up their Australian tour (read a review of the Sydney show at and will soon be embarking on a journey across the states. In addition to being totally nice guys and already publishing a review (see last sentence), is also running a contest for a free copy of Supporting Caste as well as tickets to their show in Virginia Beach on March 10th, 2009. CHECK IT OUT HERE. For full tour dates as well as information on how you can make a difference to one of three great organizations in exchange for new Propagandhi tunes, visit

Other points of interest!
- Comeback Kid will be on APTN’s Arbor Live on March 7th and 14th. Check your local listings for details.
- Grave Maker have announced new tour dates, including Western Canadian and Japan shows. I dare you to attend and not walk away with a new lease on everything.
- Passenger Action (featuring ex-members of Choke, The Fullblast and more) are finishing up a Canadian tour that has seen them battling abominable snowmen and trailer-tire goblins across this great land. If you live in Winnipeg, Regina or Calgary, check out their shows this weekend. Details are on their myspace page at

For other news/tour dates/announcements/cupon offers/tips on hygene (ha!)/tips on snow-shoeing, please visit Smallman Records on the world wide web:


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February 25th, 2009

SIGHTS & SOUNDS announces MONOLITH - May 26th, 2009

Sights & Sounds have announced the release of their new album Monolith, released May 26th, 2009. New songs are available to stream now!

Produced by Devin Townsend (Ocean Machine, Misery Signals, Lamb of God), Monolith is a collection of 13 songs that are both intricate and powerful - an experiment in sounds that has created a truly exceptional album.

Two new songs from Monolith are available to stream on Sights & Sounds myspace page! Visit www. myspace. com/sightsandsounds. com to hear ‘Neighbors’ and ‘Storm and the Sun’.


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February 23rd, 2009


Comeback Kid will appear on APTN’s Arbor Live in March!

Saturday, March 7th and Saturday, March 14th.
Visit for more details and be sure to check your local listings!

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February 20th, 2009


Passenger Action full album stream up at!

Yo yo,
Punknews. org is now streaming Passenger Action in its entirety.
Listen to the whole album at
Go check it out! Like it? You can buy it here:
“The entire record has the listener bombarded with brilliant and consistently interesting and innovative melodies ... The songwriting on the album is phenomenal - everything fits nicely into place ... ” – The Carillon
02/20/2009 – Hamilton, ON @ Pepper Jacks [NOTE: NEW VENUE!]
02/21/2009 – London, ON @ Call The Office
02/22/2009 – Toronto, ON @ The Horseshoe Tavern|
02/25/2009 – Thunder Bay, ON @ The Black Pirates Pub
02/26/2009 – Winnipeg, MB @ The Royal Albert
02/27/2009 – Regina, SK @ O’Hanlon’s
02/28/2009 – Calgary, AB @ The Stetson


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February 20th, 2009


Its time for another non-scheduled Smallman Records news update bonanza! Is bonanza the right word to use there? ‘Extravaganza’ may have been more appropriate… maybe ‘newsapalooza’? Look, just picture me saying it like Mr. Movie Phone. Then really, any elaborate noun works. Anyways…carrying on…

Nine suns and moons have risen since the release of Passenger Action’s debut self-titled full length, and oh, what a glorious time it has been. Passenger Action are on tour right now, troubadouring through the snowiest and most tire-flattening areas of this great nation to bring joy to your ears, and, if you like dudes that smell like a lifetime of tour van and beer, your nose. All your senses will be elated to know that Passenger Action have some dates left on this cross-Canadian music mission, and they are as follows:
02/20/2009 – Hamilton, ON @ Pepper Jacks [NOTE: NEW VENUE!]
02/21/2009 – London, ON @ Call The Office
02/22/2009 – Toronto, ON @ The Horseshoe Tavern|
02/25/2009 – Thunder Bay, ON @ The Black Pirates Pub
02/26/2009 – Winnipeg, MB @ The Royal Albert (w/ Sights and Sounds, High Five Drive and Molten Lava)
02/27/2009 – Regina, SK @ O’Hanlon’s
02/28/2009 – Calgary, AB @ The Stetson

In addition to all that fun stuff, our friends over at will be running a stream of the entire Passenger Action album starting Friday, Feb. 20. Ch-ch-check it - Once you fall in love with the album, you can buy it by clicking this banner! Its just that easy! The future is now, etcetera!
“The entire record has the listener bombarded with brilliant and consistently interesting and innovative melodies ... The songwriting on the album is phenomenal - everything fits nicely into place ... ” – The Carillon

Moving on…

Where to start with Propagandhi. Seriously.
The band is on tour in Australia and New Zealand this month, and it’s pretty obvious that Propagandhi were missed since their last trip down under almost ten years ago. Several reviews have pegged Propagandhi’s recent shows as ‘gig of the year’… and its only February! If, for some reason that doesn’t get you excited for the release of Supporting Caste, aside from maybe the fact that you live under some kind of rock where having no fun and no taste is a residency requirement, well… you might be dead. Check your pulse.
…You still alive? Rad. Read on.
Like I was saying, good times aplenty at Camp Propagandhi right now. The donate to download campaign has raised over $6500 in its first week, through donations from good people (like you, I hope) in exchange for two new songs from Supporting Caste. All net money raised goes to help either peta2, Sea Shepherd or Partners in Health – whomever you chose to donate to. Pretty alright, am I right?  If you haven’t already checked it out, and once you get out from under that rock you live under, you can find out more about the program here:

You can also pre-order Supporting Caste at, in CD, LP or CD/poster bundle form, or in CD/T-shirt bundle form. Apparently it has been their top selling item for the past two weeks, despite the fact that it’s only been up for a week… we’re talking about a presale that surpasses the constraints of the very notion of time as we know it here, people. It’s like something out of that twilighty show about that zone. Get into it.

What else is going on in the Smallman Galaxy right now…
- Grave Maker is touring the most caffeinated and difficult to spell countries in Europe right now, and apparently, having a blast.
- Broadway Calls has just wrapped up a stint with Alkaline Trio over in Europe, and are gearing up to hit the studio soon. I’m still a little upset that that tour didn’t come through Canada.
- Sights and Sounds will join The Holly Springs Disaster and A Textbook Tragedy on tour in Ontario this March, but not before playing two home town shows in Winnipeg – Feb 26 @ The Albert and March 6 @ The Garrick (w/ THSD and A Textbook Tragedy). Come. Party.
- Comeback Kid are between tours right now, getting ready to take the Through The Noise tour across the pond and into Europe this April. 
- Carpenter will join GOB (who, trust me, are still so entertaining – it’s awesome) for some dates in BC this month.
- The Reason have confirmed a show for Canadian Music Week in Toronto on March 13th at Sneaky Dee’s. After the show, you absolutely have to have the nachos at Dee’s. Unbelievable.
- Sick City joins Senses Fail at The Garrick in Winnipeg on April 13th. Not join, like, they’re teaming up for a single set, but… well hey, come to the show and find out just exactly what I do mean!

Okay, this is the longest update ever. For up to date tour and release information, point your clicker in the direction of Or, if you prefer2twitter, like Shaq, get at us at

OK. I’m done.

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February 13th, 2009


Oh, happy days! Smallman Records has finally caught up to the rest of the technologically advanced world and created a Twitter feed. If Shaq can do it, so can we.

... unless its a Kazam remake.
Did anyone see that movie? It was fucking awful.

I digress.

Be the first to know (unless you’re in our office, in which case, you’ll probably be the one reminding me to update the damn thing…) about all the rad stuff that Smallman Records is doing this year, including but not limited to new releases from Propagandhi, Sights and Sounds, Passenger Action and more. How much more, you ask? Tons. Boat loads. So much more that if I even began to explain it all to you, both our brains would explode. I’m serious.


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February 9th, 2009


We’re gonna throw you a sweet, sweet (human) bone in the form of two wicked new songs (Supporting Caste and Human(e) Meat) from our rad new record while simultaneously trying to scrounge some spare change for a handful of organizations whose efforts in some way reflect our values.

Its your lucky day.

Propagandhi have announced the download of two sizzling new jams from their forthcoming album Supporting Caste. For a small donation in the amount of your choice to one of three organizations, you will receive an instantaneous download of ‘Supporting Caste’ and ‘Human(e) Meat’.

Hopefully this will tide your ears over until Supporting Caste drops on March 10th, 2009.

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