April 28th, 2009

Propagandhi live session on BBC Radio 1!

While in the U.K. recently, Propagandhi took over BBC Radio 1 for a few minutes and played some tunes.

You can listen to the show (which also features a spin of ‘Only Babies Cry’ by The Ergs!, who are a band you should check out right now if you aren’t familiar) here:

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April 28th, 2009


Trees and Shade are Our Only Fences has received a great review in the May issue of Alternative Press Magazine!

4.5 / 5
“Fans of Minus The Bear, take note: There’s a new ethereal, mathy, post-hardcore game in town. For those who remember the bright spark that were Despistado, a band who imploded just before releasing their debut full length on Jade Tree, Sylvie feature an ex-member and familiar sonic territory. However, its their disarmingly smooth approach to post-hardcore, a unique characteristic, which proves their greatest asset, as the dynamics of opener “Please Make It Home” attest. The keyboard layering and creative guitar textures wouldn’t be worth much without solid songs to back them up. Fortunately, Trees and Shade are Our Only Fences offers those from front to back, veering from the Jawbox-esque “Satellites” to the Seaweed-cribbing drive of “Notes on Counters”. A brash mix of harmonies and dissonant guitars, Sylvie have created a sonic footprint all their own.” (Smallman Records / Wednesday Records)
-Sam Sutherland
Alternative Press - May 2009 - Issue # 250

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April 22nd, 2009

Sights & Sounds Review in AP

4 out of 5 Stars for Monolith - Out on Smallman on May 26

AP June Issue:
4/5 stars.

“The full-length debut from Sights And Sounds is the kind of record you’d expect a band to make at the peak of their career. Beautiful and expansive, the Canadian four-piece-featuring Comeback Kid’s Andrew Neufeld on vocals-construct layered and intensely atmospheric works drenched in gorgeous melodies. The resulting album is perhaps the perfect distillation of Jimmy Eat World at their darkest and the magnificently grandiose emanations of 65 Days Of Static. Exploring a range of moods, Neufeld’s vocals are a revelation. Assuredly delivering breathy croons and high-register melodies, the passion behind his voice infuses his lyrics with a deeply affecting urgency and desperation. With so much emotional power at its core, and enriched by lush swathes of shimmering keyboards and processed guitars, Monolith is truly a record worth drowning in.”

-Dan Slessor

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