Absolute Punk reviews Carpenter July 14th, 2008

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Ex-members of various bands like Daggermouth, By a Thread, Speaking of Heroes and All-State Champion coming together to craft songs reminiscent of the rootsy rock n’ roll of John Mellencamp and 90’s emo greats like Texas is the Reason.

How Is It?

Quite good. Law of the Land doesn’t stray far from its punk roots but still gives listeners a refreshing change. One way Carpenter achieves this is through the lyrics. While many bands seem to prefer singing about girls and relationships, this band brings to light the struggles of independent farmers, a topic very few bands speak out for.

“Off the Road” showcases their Mellencamp influences with acoustic guitars, harmonicas and an infectious chorus. On the other hand, “Until the Sun’s Up” proves the band’s love of 90’s emo, which is especially evident with the opening guitar riff.

Ultimately, Carpenter’s debut full-length is diverse and promising. If you love poppy hooks that aren’t overproduced then look no further. As singer/guitarist Dan Sioui states, “I just try to write hooks so if I catch someone singing a lyric or singing a chorus or something, to me that’s like mission accomplished.” Luckily for him, Law of the Land accomplishes just that.

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