Through The Noise Tours Endures More Tragedy October 24th, 2008

This is just getting fucking ridiculous…

Comeback Kid has always been a resilient band and an event this week did nothing but solidify that fact. During the morning of Thursday, Oct. 23rd, Comeback Kid had their van and trailer stolen outside their hotel in Montreal. After driving to Montreal following a show in Drummondville, PQ, the band checked into their hotel at 2:30am and parked the van in a public lot. When they returned to the lot the following afternoon to go to the venue, the van was gone. “We called around to make sure the van hadn’t just been towed,” said guitarist Jeremy Hiebert “and once we realized what had happened, we just tried to deal with it”. In addition to their van and trailer, the band lost all of their gear and merchandise, as well as their personal belongings. While some people would be deterred by such an incident, Comeback Kid just forged on. Using borrowed gear they played Thursday night in Montreal, headlining the Through The Noise Tour with Misery Signals, Bane, Out Break, Shai Hulud and Grave Maker. They will finish the tour with dates in Toronto, London, Guelph and Hamilton before returning home and resting up before a South American tour in November.

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