Sights & Sounds 5 out of 5 Review July 13th, 2009

Regina Leader Post raves about Monolith.

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Sights & Sounds (Smallman)
Rating 5 (out of five)
Reviewed by Chris Tessmer

Featuring a who’s who of the Winnipeg punk community, Sights & Sounds has been raising eyebrows and building an ardent following since their self-title debut EP in late 2007. Now with the release of their long-awaited full length, aptly titled Monolith, the four members comprising the group are making the world the aware that they’re ready for their moment in the proverbial sun.

Comprising members of Comeback Kid, Figure Four, and Sick City, the individual members all temporarily shelved their regular genres to create this super group of sorts. The results are excellent, as the group runs through post-rock and shoegazer rock like they’ve been playing it all their lives.

On the track “The Clutter” the group channels indie-rock luminaries like Hum and Jawbox in a manner that’s as achingly beautiful as those bands in their heyday. “Pedal Against the Wind” displays vocalist Andrew Neufeld’s range. Neufeld, vocalist for hardcore punk group Comeback Kid, and formerly of the hardcore outfit Figure Four, leaves the screaming behind, demonstrating that the years of screaming have not prevented him from having a good, if not great, singing voice.

While Monolith may not be a big enough release to garner major attention, and in it’s first month of release it hasn’t, it’s well deserving of it.

Neufeld undoubtedly earns a heftier paycheque through his gig in Comeback Kid, but if Sights & Sounds continue to write songs this good, the attention will come, and hopefully lead to more permanence for the band.

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