WGTS Review of Monolith September 4th, 2009

Another stellar review of the latest Sights and Sounds album.

REVIEWER: Travis Persaud

This is not the poppy, emo-tinged record most people would have expected after listening to Sights and Sounds’ debut EP two years ago. And thank goodness for that. The band’s first release, while enjoyable, didn’t really have that rip-off-your-shirt-and-run-down-the-street-in-excitement quality to it. They weren’t doomed, but simply set to become another marginal Canadian act that would endlessly tour the nation, dip into the States and call it quits after four years. Well, they absolutely demolished that image on Monolith.

“Sorrows” announces their arrival with a moody piano intro that transitions into group vocals sweetly singing “Sorrow,” as if a bittersweet farewell to the ghost of their first release. Andrew Neufeld (former Comeback Kid vocalist) bursts in with a restrained growl and then continues to showcase his huge range throughout all 14 tracks. “The Clutter” and “Pedal Against the Wind” are two beautiful tracks that highlight Neufeld’s voice.

There’s a serene passion that’s attached to Monolith, and it’s difficult to not get lost in power of the music. In the era of the single, iTunes and short attention spans, it’s not often when an album eclipses the hour mark and it doesn’t seem like it’s enough. This is one of the most surprising and enjoyable albums 2009 has produced – even if it didn’t have enough indie cred to crack the Polaris Prize long list.

Category: Sights and Sounds