Monolith Review from Altsounds September 23rd, 2009

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This album is a credit to Sights and Sounds. A brilliant album that captures the very essence of rock.

This 13-track strong Album, “Monolith” is a great collective piece of work and a brilliant example of just how talented Sights and Sounds are both in terms of musical ability and song writing skills. “Monolith” seems to offer a wide range of hard slamming, energy fuelled, raw rock emotion music as well as the subtle and melodic slower paced tracks. Tracks such as ‘Sorrows’ touch on the darker side of the music, with a sound for fans of Killswitch Engage’s epic choruses. Tracks such as ‘The Clutter’ seem to offer a more melodic touch of style to it with the whisper-like vocals and even the clean electric guitar. ‘The Clutter’ is fast becoming one of my favourite tracks by Sights and Sounds.

“Monolith” is the kind of album that may well have something to offer everyone. As mentioned the heavier tracks will appeal to the rock star in you providing you with the audio aggression you need to take the edge off. Then there are the more subtle, and slightly ballad-esque tracks that will appeal to fans of the softer side of rock and even those who only invest their musical time in rock on the odd occasion. “Monolith” is an excellent collection of tracks; some that will easily do quite well with most fans of music, and others that you will probably never hear on mainstream radio (unfortunately for us). The diversity of the vocals helps to ensure that Sights and Sounds have a wide ranging target audience also. Some of the songs on “Monolith” have a raw, edgy and slightly aggressive vocal style, while others create a soft and ‘sing-along’ feel that will appeal to those music listeners that want a more relaxed mood.

Sights And Sounds have created an album that is definitely worth the time of any listener. I would advise you to try it yourself as I’m fairly sure that anyone will find some form of enjoyment from “Monolith.”

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