Broadway Calls in AP May 2nd, 2008

Broadway Calls are part of this month’s issue of AP as one of the bands that the magazine recommends.  Read on, comrades.

“THE STORY SO FAR: while their hardcore outfit Coutndown To Life were on hiatus in 2006, Ty Vaughn (vocals, guitar) and Josh Baird (Drums) conceived the melodic Broadway Calls with former CTL roadie Matt Koenig (bass, vocals) according to Baird, “Pretty much to make van payments and fill in the gaps of tour.” But within weeks of forming, BC managed to bang out a six song EP, Call The Medic…, and book their own month-long jaunt. Soon after, the band released their proper full-length debut, which was picked up and reissued by Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong’s Adeline Records.”

“WHY YOU SHOULD KNOW ‘EM: Many hardcore kids these days start post-Lifetime pop-punk bands and fill them with nasally vocals, ill-advised keyboards and double bass drumming. Broadway Calls rely on no such gimmicks. Their self-titled album is an earnest affair, featuring nods to un-coventional inspirations in the realm of hardcore. (It even includes a cover of the Smiths’ “A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours.” With Broadway Calls set to play UK institutions like the Reading & Leeds Festivals this year (not to mention stateside appearances at Bamboozle Left and Warped Tour), is meeting the Moz - their unlikely hero- a possibility? ‘If we do [meet him], someone might faint,”, says Baird. “I won’t name any names, though.”

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