Kenny from Moneen’s Film Debut February 11th, 2008

A film that Kenny made in 1995, “a day or more in the life of a Russian furniture maker”, will be shown this year at the Brampton Indie Arts Festival this Friday Feb 15th at 11:56 PM in Brampton Ontario Canada.

A film about one Russian man’s dream to make a door wedge. Starring Ryan Morrow As Lozlo Pronowski. Written by Nic Fera. Directed by Kenny Bridges.


This is a great festival started by the one and only Friendly Rich of the Lollipop people. For more info about the fest go and check out their site linked at the bottom of the page.


Moneen are currently 9 songs into the new record and are going come out and attend the showing of the movie. So anyone in the Toronto area check out the BIAF site and come out to the event.

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