New Band! New Release! February 6th, 2007

As if we’re not busy enough right now - what with the new Comeback Kid release and the new release from The Reason, as well as burning any piece of furniture that we’re not using in order to generate enough heat to warm two fingers so that we can type (‘Holy fuck, it was minus 40 - and that needs no conversion people, that’s farenheit and celsius).

I digress. What that diatribe was leading up to was the simple fact that we’ve signed a new band - Daggermouth from Vancouver. We’ve been liking the band since we first heard their stuff late in 2005…and so in a classic Smallman fashion, we bided our time and dragged our heels and finally started working with them two years later. Make sense? Of course not, that’s why you’re not running an incredibly successful indie label and are probably making 17 times more money than we are. Losers.


We are very excited about Daggermouth. Great people on top of good songs. Their new album, available March 13, is entitled Turf Wars. We’ll probably get some samples up shortly. But in the meantime, check out some of their stuff at their myspace page and home page.

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