New Song News for The Reason: January 12th, 2007

SEVEN WEEKS AND THREE DAYS remain until Things Couldn’t Be Better is available to enjoy.  We have lots on the go between now and then, and lots of news to share with you.  First off, we will be releasing another song off the record online next week!

The song ‘This is Just the Beginning”, which is also the first single off the record, will be posted online next Wednesday, January 17 as part of a Smallman Records PODCAST, also containing an exclusive interview with Adam about the record itself.  The song will then be made available for free download on The Reason’s MYSPACE page two days later, on Friday, January 19. 


The song ‘All I Ever Wanted” will then be made available for download on The Reason’s MySpace page as well (since Nov. 1 is has only been available to listen to on their site).  That’s two songs off the record months before it even comes out!


Speaking of The Reason’s MYSPACE PAGE, they have added some new photos in the pics section.  These photographs were taken by their good friend Gordon Ball while on tour in Montreal in late November.  Be sure to take a look’


Also in the coming week there will tour dates announced for The Reason. Final fine tuning is being done as you read this.

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