The Reason New CD Tracklisting September 14th, 2006

The Reason’s new CD is now complete. The full length, entitled “Things Couldn’t Be Better”, has 12 new tracks. Look for the release in early 2007 through Smallman. We’ll be posting some songs in the next little bit, but until then, here is the track listing for the new CD:

The Reason

Things Couldn’t Be Better

1. My Broken Legs

2. This is Just the Beginning

3. All I Ever Wanted

4. Unquestionable

5. Is it Just Me?

6. This is Where We Go it Alone

7. If My Tongue Could Talk

8. We’re So Beyond This

9. This is Taking Forever

10. I Felt a Song Inside Me

11. Sleepyhead

12. Reset the Breaker

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