Supporting Caste by Propagandhi

Legendary and unrepentant residents of humankind’s ideological peanut-gallery, Propagandhi does not disappoint with Supporting Caste - a collection of boundless power and depth that is a 50 000 watt forward-thinking tip-of-the-hat to the giants—Voivod, Rush, SNFU, Sacrifice, Razor, Guilt Parade – that have gone before them.

Launching crude rockets into the heart of the prevailing order with meditations that range in focus from the humane slaughter and consumption of non-vegans in an elaborate 18-course banquet (with wine pairings) to the apparent confusion of turning on the TV to watch a simple hockey game and having to wonder whether or not the Nazi’s actually lost the war after all.

Supporting Caste: 12 new laments, reveries and extrapolations from 4 visibly-aging prairie skids who still cannot believe that of all the gin joints in all the galaxies in all the universes, they had to be born on this one. 


# Title Listen Watch Create
1 Night Letters
10 The Banger’s Embrace
11 Last Will & Testament
2 Supporting Caste
3 Tertium Non Datur
4 Dear Coach’s Corner
5 This Is Your Life
6 Human(e) Meat Download MP3
7 Potemkin City Limits
8 The Funeral Procession
9 Incalculable Effects
9 Without Love
Supporting Caste