Things Couldn’t Be Better by The Reason

The Reason will be one of the bright spots on the Canadian indie music scene in 2007. Refining the aggressive tendencies of their 2004 release Ravenna, they have created an album more melodic in flavour and tinted with keyboard undertones and dancier beats. Influenced by bands such as Cursive and Hot Water Music, and described by producer Gavin Brown as the Police meets Modest Mouse, Things Couldn’t Be Better hooks the listener from the opening song “My Broken Legs” straight through to the intensely charged “Reset the Breaker.” The charming duet “We’re So Beyond This” with Sara Quin (of Tegan and Sara) emphasizes the heartfelt and honest nature of the album


# Title Listen Watch Create
1 My Broken Legs Create a ringtone
10 I Felt A Song Inside Me Create a ringtone
11 Sleepyhead Create a ringtone
12 Reset the Breaker Create a ringtone
2 This Is Just the Beginning Watch video Create a ringtone
3 All I Ever Wanted Download MP3 Watch video Create a ringtone
4 Unquestionable Create a ringtone
5 Is It Just Me? Create a ringtone
6 This Is Where We Go It Alone Create a ringtone
7 If My Tongue Could Talk Create a ringtone
8 We’re So Beyond This Download MP3 Watch video Create a ringtone
9 This is Taking Forever Create a ringtone
Things Couldn’t Be Better
  • Artist: The Reason
  • Title: Things Couldn’t Be Better
  • Release date: March 6th 2007
  • Format: CD
  • Catalogue number: SMR030
  • Links: Buy CD | Buy on iTunes